Billionaire businessman opens up about bipolar disorder

A prominent billionaire businessman has opened up about his encounters with bipolar disorder and “unrelenting stress”.

Elon Musk, perhaps best known as the founder of electric car manufacturer Tesla, shared his feelings on social media site Twitter in recent days.

His comments came in response to questions posed by fans and other social media users.

One Twitter user complemented Mr Musk on his “amazing life” and posed the indirect question: “I wonder if the ups and downs he has make for a more enjoyable life?”

Mr Musk then replied to the comment, stating: “The reality is great highs, terrible lows and unrelenting stress. Don’t think people want to hear about the last two.”

Later, Mr Musk’s candid comment attracted deeper questions about his coping strategies for dealing with such stress, to which he replied: “I’m sure there are better answers than what I do, which is just take the pain and make sure you really care about what you’re doing.”

When a fan asked if Mr Musk had experienced bipolar disorder, or saw himself as ‘bipolar’, he simply replied: “Yeah.”

Bipolar disorder is an increasingly common condition sometimes referred to as manic depression.

Those affected will experience episodes of feeling very high and very low.