Famous darts champion hopes to raise awareness of bipolar disorder

A well-known darts champion has opened up about his experiences with mental health issues, after announcing that he had paired up with a leading charity to raise awareness of bipolar disorder.

Eight-time PDC winner James Wade has helped Bipolar UK to launch a brand new awareness campaign.

The news comes after Mr Wade posted a statement on his Twitter account revealing that he would be acting as an ambassador for the British charity, which has previously received the backing of other prominent celebrities such as Stephen Fry.

Mr Wade also recently revealed that he himself was no stranger to encounters with various mental health conditions.

In an interview, he told reporters that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 2011.

The famous darts player checked himself into the Priory that same year.

He said: “My experience with bipolar has been very up and down, like I’m on the fastest rollercoaster but there’s no getting off!

“My job has a very macho, sporting environment and when I when I was first hospitalised, I found people acting differently towards me.

“Now I’m on the right path with support, therapy and medication,” he said.

“I’m now very open about my condition and happy to talk about it to dispel the stigma and preconceptions of bipolar,” he said.