Viewers moved by drama’s poignant plotline

One of the BBC’s most popular drama series has won plaudits for its recent story about Down’s syndrome.

In an episode from its latest run, Call the Midwife featured a character called Reggie – a young man with the genetic condition.

The Sunday evening storyline covered what happened following the sudden death of his mum.

The tragic turn of events meant that Reggie, played by actor Daniel Laurie, had to move in with a distant relative (series regular Fred Buckle).

The family then had a difficult search looking for somewhere more permanent for him to stay.

Writers of the show, which is set in a deprived district of East London during the early 1960s, were praised for helping shed light on the challenges that people with conditions such as Down’s syndrome often faced in decades gone by.

The home where Reggie was originally offered a place was very strict and typified the often less than sympathetic attitudes at the time. Fortunately, the family were eventually able to find a much more suitable facility which specialised in providing support for people in his position.

Cliff Parisi, who has played the role of affable handyman Fred since the drama’s debut in 2012, said that he struck up a firm rapport with Daniel and that he had a personal connection to the storyline.

Speaking to What’s On TV, the actor said: “I was around at the time and in the ’60s people with Down’s were tucked away, but the sister of one of my best friends had Down’s and she lived at home and her mother died, so this story’s close to my heart.”

Regular viewers said the plot was one of the most moving in the show’s six series and an unexpected reappearance by Reggie in the final episode earlier this month has led to hopes that the character may have a recurring role in future.