Fitness enthusiast encourages people to run marathon to raise awareness of bipolar disorder

A UK woman and fitness enthusiast is encouraging people to run the Blackpool Marathon next month to raise money for bipolar disorder.

Anne Brady, Blackpool, wants to raise awareness of the condition, which causes sufferers to experience significant shifts between depressive and euphoric moods.

The 31-year-old was diagnosed with the condition herself in November 2015 and believes very strongly that it is important to seek support when affected by bipolar and other mental health conditions.

Speaking of her experiences, she said: “It effects everything, from your relationship with yourself and with other people, to your ability to work and cope with every day stresses and struggles.

“Everything is amplified and you are constantly in a state of trying to avoid or cope with triggers, while trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life”.

She added: “Over time, I’ve learned to understand my triggers and how to manage or identify when things are getting too much. But even then, sometimes this horrible condition just takes you.

“The most important thing is I have support. Even though most people don’t understand, I have an amazing support network. It can be very hard loving and being friends with someone who one minute is there all the time and great to be around, then suddenly asking you to leave them alone and not contact/talk to them”.

Ms Brady is urging people to participate in April’s Blackpool Marathon in aid of charity, Bipolar UK.