Radio buff picks up call for help after girl suffers epileptic seizure

An amateur radio enthusiast played a pivotal role in rescuing a girl who suffered an epileptic seizure while camping in an isolated part of the West Country.

The 12-year-old had been out on Exmoor, Devon, when she took a turn for the worse.

The camping party were forced to use a radio broadcast requesting urgent assistance after finding they were unable to get a mobile phone signal in the remote landscape.

Fortunately, radio “ham” Mike Everett picked up their mayday call while monitoring the airwaves from his home in Bristol – more than 50 miles away. Having raised the alarm, he was then able to direct ambulance crews to the group’s location.

The girl, who was taken to hospital following the episode last month, has since made a full recovery.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Everett recalls the moment he picked up the message, which had been sent by Jon Matthews – a fellow radio buff who had happened to take the transmitter on the trip.

“I heard the urgency in his voice and I knew he definitely wanted me to respond to his call, or anybody out there, he was absolutely desperate”, he said.

“If it weren’t for us with radios, I don’t think she would have got help in time – it could have been a worse outcome.”

The 24-year-old electronics student said he understood the urgency of the situation because, by coincidence, his partner also has epilepsy.