Boxing legend opens up about bipolar disorder

Iconic boxing star Frank Bruno has opened up about his experiences with bipolar disorder.

In a recent interview, with The Express, he described his past struggles with the condition as “the darkest period” of his life – implying that his battle with bipolar was bigger than any he ever faced in the boxing ring.

“I did not know how I was going to get through,” he said.

The instantly-recognisable star, who recently turned 56, first developed the condition in 2003 following a relationship breakdown.

“[My wife] Laura and I had split up and she and the kids had moved out.

“I was left alone in a big house and I felt increasingly depressed. I had retired from boxing so the pressure of being on my own and suddenly having to do everything myself gradually got on top of me,” he said.

“When I was married Laura provided a structure to my life and without her everything came tumbling down. I was burning myself out trying to hold everything together and I couldn’t cope.”

Over the years, the boxing legend has been sectioned as many as three times due to the severity of his illness.

However, in more recent times, he has managed to overcome the condition – and has now been free from medication for around a year and a half.

Mr Bruno has since been opening up about his experiences in a bid to raise awareness of bipolar disorder and encourage people – especially men – to seek help instead of bottling up their fears and experiences.