Tomorrow’s epilepsy monitoring system dreamed up by tech groups

Tech start-ups from France have dreamed up an unusual solution to combat the unpredictability of seizures in people with epilepsy.

Dataiku and Bioserenity have come together to produce app-controlled ‘smart clothing’ – which they say is capable of analysing brain activity through the use of biometric sensors.

The system, which has been named ‘Neuronaute’ sends data recorded by the sensors through a mobile phone app which will then process the information and share it with GPs and medical professionals – effectively ‘monitoring’ the patient “in real-time”.

Advertisements on Bioserenity’s website explain: “Data shared through the cloud can be accessed at any time by the doctor in charge of the patient.

“The doctor can use the data for an optimised diagnosis and can view the response to a medical treatment and adjust it accordingly in real-time.”

The innovative product, which has already been granted safety certifications in Europe, is already being tested in the United States, and in university hospitals across the European Union.

Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku, said: “The project is particularly important to us because it’s enabled us to take part in the development of what could be major transformations for the healthcare industry.

“With Bioserenity, we’re showing that the appropriate use of data could lead to tomorrow’s ever more effective world of medicine and health.”