Sahara Care’s Sharon Kaur travels to Toronto to present prestigious award at Sikh Awards 2017

Founder and Managing Director of Sahara Care, Sharon Kaur, recently travelled to Toronto, Canada, to present an important award at the 8th Annual Sikh Awards 2017 as part of her sponsorship of the prestigious event.

The annual event, which seeks to honour the far-reaching achievements of Sikh individuals from countries all over the world, was attended by more than 500 special guests from the UK, the US, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and further afield.

This year’s event was held on 21 October 2017 at the Fairmont Royal Hotel in the Canadian capital, Toronto, in line with the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Sharon, who previously acted as a judge for the Sikh Awards in 2016, returned this year as a sponsor, and presented an important award to one very influential individual from Pakistan.

Sharon presented Karachi-based Sikh leader Sardar Ramesh Singh Khalsa, of the Pakistan Sikh Council, with the Sikhs in Charity Award – a special accolade reserved each year for an individual who has made a significant contribution to their community in terms of charitable work and giving.

Speaking after the event, Sharon Kaur, of Sahara Care, said: “It is always a delight to be surrounded by so many talented and inspirational people from all over the world at the annual Sikh Awards.

“This year’s event was particularly special, and it was a real honour to present Sardar Ramesh Singh Khalsa with the much-deserved Sikhs in Charity award.

“The Pakistan Sikh Council undertakes vital and inspirational work for the rights of the Sikh community in Pakistan and I am delighted that this hard work has been recognised by such a prestigious awards body.”