Sharon Kaur celebrates five-star rating for Sahara House

Sahara Care’s Sharon Kaur is celebrating the fantastic news that one of our flagship homes, Sahara House in Ilford, has been granted a five star-rating by the local health and safety offices following a surprise inspection.

Officers from Redbridge council conducted a full inspection of the two homes that comprise Sahara House to ensure the correct standards were met.

During their inspection they made a note of the home’s facilities and acknowledged evidence of Sahara’s plans to replace the kitchens.

Impressed with the standard of safety at the homes, the council’s officers awarded the highest mark of five stars.

Anne Smith, Care Manager at Sahara House, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the outcome from our safety standards inspection. We are extremely thorough when it comes to providing a safe environment for our service users, so we are glad that this has been officially recognised.”

Sharon Kaur, founder and Managing Director of Sahara Care, added: “It is fantastic news to have Sahara House’s health and safety standards recognised. The Sahara team are dedicated to providing high quality care services and support in a safe, comforting and friendly environment”.